Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cambridge, here I go!

Letter of acceptance to Cambridge Summer School--two weeks of studying literature and exploring England.

It will be a wonderful Summer. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Love Song of Har Dyal

Can a man stand upright in the face of the naked Sun;
or a Lover in the Presence of his Beloved?
If my feet fail me, O Heart of my Heart,
am I to blame, being blinded by the glimpse of your beauty?
Alas! alas! Can the Moon tell the Lotus of her love when the
Gate of Heaven is shut and the clouds gather for the rains?
They have taken my Beloved, and driven her with the pack-horses
to the North.
There are iron chains on the feet that were set on my heart.
Call to the bowman to make ready —

Monday, February 13, 2017

Life is a series of adventures

Costa Rica is pura vida!

Pictures of White River Rafting with my colleagues. What a fun weekend. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017


My students have been working on an entrepreneur project for the past few months. Basically, they have been working in teams of 4-5 in order to create their own company and products, and sell it to the school community. The students have been reaping nuggets of learning - they have learned how to work better in teams and learned more about entrepreneurship. My ultimate goal was to expand their vision and help them see the benefits of entrepreneurship.

I asked my students to write a reflection about their experience. Below is one of their reflections. I shedded internal tears of joy when I read that "women can be creating their own businesses so they don't have to rely on men anymore and people." #empowerment #education

"Creating your own business is an interesting and complicated experience but there are many benefits to it and it’s definitely worth it. The first benefit is that you get to make your own decisions instead of just following someone’s rules. You win respect of all your employees depending on the kind of boss you are instead of always trying to be respectful to a person of higher authority that’s intimidating. And finally, if your company becomes successful after all the hard work, you become known and powerful. I really liked the experience of creating our company from scratch because we learned and improved so many things that we need in life like team work, responsibility, tolerance and learning how to accept other members’ opinions. We had to come up with an idea that would sell a lot so we could donate one third of the money to charity and I believe we did a good job. The idea of just having a company thrilled me, I wanted people to love our products so I did everything I could to make this company the best one. The things that I didn’t like about this experience are a few, it was a little hard working with my coworkers because we had different opinions and we argued about them, and also sometimes they were lazy and didn’t want to work. Entrepreneurship is a big part of Costa Rica, we make a lot of money by it and it definitely needs to continue growing. This needs to happen because we would be making Costa Rica more known and respected and we would also be giving many people a job. Some entrepreneur opportunities in Costa Rica is that women can be creating their own businesses so they don’t have to rely on men anymore and people can also be expanding different areas like tourism."

Monday, January 30, 2017

Christ in me

The more I love my students,
In spite of their brokeness, mishaps and whatnots,
The more I feel that Christ forms in me.
It's like fibres of being binded with chords of love resonate within
Everytime I whisper prayers and good thoughts for their day.
I hear the Spirit groan and yearn so dearly for them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Unsurpassing Peace

I am so thankful for moving to Costa Rica.

It's the first time in my life that I have experienced so much peace in my heart.

So much peace.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pure Magic

Celebrating the first day of 2017 in Niagara Falls with the mother.

What a wonderful day.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 review

This year has finally come to an end. Overall, it was a tough year but a good year because I learned a lot of things. My perspective in life has changed and I have learned to be more positive and resilient.

Here are some of the few things I have learned:

Do not let negative people/energy into your life: Your time on earth is short and sacred; too short to let negative people suck the energy out of you life. This year I had to let go of certain "friendships" because they were toxic and harmful. Pain is pain. And pain acts as a sensor that something is wrong. If someone is constantly causing you pain or draining your energy, it's time to reconsider and drop them like it's hot. Protect yourself from these people. Listen to your intuition.

Your actions define you: I've been reading Marcus Aurelius' meditations lately and one of his quotes struck me -"A man's life is defined by their actions." Talk is cheap. If you want to achieve something, set your thoughts and plans into motion.

See the positive in everything: Always see the silver lining in tough situations. Positivity changes everything.

Treasure your true friends and family members: Because life is hard and they are probably the few people who will support you and have your back when things get rough. My best moments in life come from when I am surrounded with my loved ones.

You came to earth for a purpose: I recently went to visit a friend in Guatemala. She is a fashion blogger and has recently started designing handbags. She shared with me how much fulfillment she found by expressing her art and passion through her designs. On our way to a restaurant, we stumbled across an artist that painted birds for a living. We were admiring his art and he muttered the words: "you came to this earth with a certain set of strengths, and once you find your strengths and use them for a greater good, you have found your purpose and work will not seem like work at all." He shared about how he started selling his art out of necessity, but also because it was his passion to share his art with others. "Now my birds are all over the world," he said with a deep sense of satisfaction. He has been painting birds for 37 years. My friend bought one of his birds for me. She was touched and inspired by his words that she insisted him to keep the change. It's amazing how something so simple like painting birds and his words had an impact on our journey.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


The semester has come to an end, the grades are in and I'm finally back home visiting family for a few weeks.

As an educator, the most rewarding aspect of my job is to see the meaningful connections and learning made by my students. My focus is to apply language skills in real life situation and develop their critical thinking. For example, we worked in preparing a UN debate where they compiled data and facts and used them to build an arguement. We also watched and analyzed the US presidential debates. The students enjoyed it very much and it's wonderful to witness their growth and motivation.

Birthday card that my students made for me. One of the messages read:
"Thank you for teaching me something useful for life."

Next year, I am planning to go to Cambridge for a two-week course in Literature. I was also invited to a conference in Bógota, Colombia (COMIBAM) to join 2500 missionaries on a series of workshops, panels and meets-and-greets. I'm also planning to attend IB workshops and continue to equip myself as an educator.

This year's biggest lesson was to never give up hope. Even though God may shut a door, He will surely open one that it's a better fit. Moving to Costa Rica was the best decision I made, and I'm so thankful for the sunny and beautiful weather and places I get to visit.

Next year will be an exciting one. Let's all hope for the best.